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Bio Enable Launches Integrated Face & Fingerprint Recognition System

Identity & Security is the most important for any firm or industry today. With the increasing rate of identity & Data theft, offices and firms too require good security equipment to keep their properties and assets safe. There were several types of security systems available in the market. However, off late, the biometric security systems have become popular. Integrated Face & Fingerprint system NAC5000 is based on Multiple Biometric & Smart card technologies. It supports Fingerprint Recognition, Face Recognition, Face Image capture, Password and Contactless Smart Cards offering highest flexibility and security to the businesses. The level of security offered by the Face & Fingerprint Recognition system is found to be quite high. Employees and entrants into the office or factory would not be able to cheat the Face & Fingerprint Recognition system. As everyone knows, the face and fingerprints of no two people are identical, even twins. Now, one can find complete information and even purchase the best in quality Face & Fingerprint Recognition system online at http://www.bioenabletech.com/products/time-attendance-access-control/face-recognition-system-nac5000-face/.