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The Zeek Rewards affiliate program is a wonderful way to earn money through the promotion of the Zeekler penny auction program. You also earn commissions by attracting other members who promote the program. There are different levels of membership. Let’s explore these subscription choices in more detail.

As a Diamond member of Zeekler, you have the opportunity to earn the highest possible commissions and benefits from promoting this exciting program.

Diamond members pay $99 per month for their subscription. In return they can earn a commission of $0.40 for every Silver subscription, $1.50 for every Gold subscription, and a whopping $3.50 for every Diamond subscription in their 2×21 forced matrix downline.

Diamond members can also earn 10% commissions on all the purchases people make who have been personally sponsored and a 5% commission on all second level members.

Every time someone joins as a Gold or Diamond subscription, $1.00 is added to a special Diamond bonus pool. This pool is paid out to Diamond distributors as shares. Shares are earned based on the number of personally sponsored upgraded members and distributors.

By personally sponsoring a Silver member, you earn one share. And by personally sponsoring a Gold member, the number of shares jumps to five. And finally any Diamond distributor personally sponsored by you earns ten shares! It’s a great extra bonus.

You can also upgrade to a Charter Diamond Member for a one time fee of $999 for a lifetime subscription. It provides all the benefits of Diamond membership for a one time (versus monthly) fee. It’s a great program and more than pays for itself if you stay involved for just over ten months.

And as a Charter Diamond member, your Diamond status cannot be changed. You’ll retain the benefits forever!

Gold level is great but you sure can’t beat the benefits of going all the way to Diamond. This is especially true as a Charter Diamond member. Remember it requires a one time fee and then you can retain the benefits of Diamond status forever. Zeekler