Michael Jordan Cohen Discuses Career Changes Thrughout His Life

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Michael Jordan Cohen is a respected specialist in his Jacksonvville, Florida community. Like nearly all others, howerver, Michael Jordan Cohen had to work tirelessly and sacrifice much to get to the position both in his specialist and personal life that he is currently. Michael has spent his recent years enjoying the sunny skies of Florida. But before he could much enjoy the sunny skies he work diligintly to get to where he is nowadays. In fact, one of Michael's 1st jobs was at Chesapeake Bay Gourmet where he packaged goods for the shipping division .

Michael Jordan Cohen began his professional career after graduationg from High Point University with a Bachelors of Science. During all these undergraduate yrs, his academic focus was primarly on fiance and marketing, in which he earned a masters and a minors in respectively. Michael Jordan Cohen was ablto to take all that academia taught him as he was atteding school at High Point Univeristy, develope it and cultivate it into what he could efficiently employ invirtually and industry or line of work.

Steadily Michael Jordan Cohen began to recive better job positions. The majority of Michael Cohens professinal work in upperlevel management jobs in the finance niche. This would likely not surprise those whe knew Michael when he was an active member of the Investment Club. In 2007, Michael started working for Fortune 5 Marketing as a supervisor. At Fortune 5 Marketing, Michael Jordan Cohen held a nuber of responsibilities, including outsourcing sales for AT&T. Hes resiliance and hardwork paid off once more as he was shortly promoted to supervisor afterbing a worker for just six weeks.

The next position that Michal held took him away from Florida, to Atlanta, GA where he worked for Document Technologies. At Document Technologies, Michael J. Cohen was happy to dress in a number ofhats, as it doing so afforded him brand-new learning and career possibilities. While at Document Technologies, Michael Cohen aided paralegals with professional help and managed lawfirm documents prior to disposition. Furthermore , he speiclized in consumer service, which helped drive sales. It was right here Michael J Cohen grew to become completely familiarized with properly organizing, scheduling and presenting.

Late in 2009 Michael Jordan Cohen left his job with Document Technologies for a career with Beeline. This requireed Michael to move back to Jacksonyville, FL. The life and careers of Michael Jordan Cohen have taken him via some diverse fields of work. Lots of belive this is one reason why Michael Cohel in such a well rounded individual.

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