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The target and task of the MEDICAL WASTE STERILIZATION METHODS is to treat the infectious waste streams to reduce or eliminate the risks to minimum acceptable levels.

Infectious waste is suspected to contain pathogens (bacteria, viruses, parasites, or fungi) in sufficient concentration or quantity to cause disease in susceptible hosts.

Pathological waste disposal is a little bit fragile and country specific issue. There is no problem of the disposal of small laboratory animals in steam sterilizers but if animal corpses and human body parts are concerned, the country specific rules, ethical religious and emotional concerns and rules play more important role. Sterilization equipment for this type of waste does not have the technical and technological deficiencies. If they are fed into the sterilization device, become fragmented and crumbled along with other types of waste in the system and finally is steam sterilized and disposed out together with the other types of medical waste management. However, the operator should decide on whether or not , feed these types of pathological wastes into the sterilizing machine.