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Baby Trend High Chair Evaluations

Baby Trend is really a business that manufactures four different types of high chairs which come in a variety of designs.

Most Baby Trend High Chairs have seats which can recline to three different positions; the Havenwood and Nambia models function a four-position seat recline. All models adjust to six height positions and secure the baby having a five-point safety harness. High chairs include a dishwasher-safe tray and are equipped with tray storage. All models can fold up free-standing, have big caster wheels with brakes and have a seat pad which may be wiped clean or washed.

The Orange Oak, Skylar and Mojito models include an activity toy and removable physique insert. These models along with the Havenwood model also include a large basket for storage.

Parents are also looking for convertible models which last as long as feasible. A wooden high chair that converts from a child high chair, to a toddler-sized model, and ideally into a booster seat, is desirable for eco-friendly factors along with family convenience. You'll be cutting down on each household waste as well as your time spent shopping.

Wood is one of the best supplies to think about in a high chair you'll want to keep over the long term, either for a number of of your own kids, or to pass on to a buddy or family member. Wood is durable and simple to clean, which means that the material will stand as much as every day punishment through every stage.

The adjustable heights of the baby trend high chair allow me to put my son in the table, seat tucked under, like he could be in a chair without taking up a second chair to complete so. The high chair is extremely easy to adjust up and down by squeezing two red buttons that release the chair. The high chair then snaps into the desired height when you release the buttons.

The tray was difficult to make use of at first, I think it might happen to be warped in the package. We had to remove the center bar that goes down in between the child's legs in order to use the tray with my little, nearly two year old. As soon as the center bar was off, the tray worked better for our needs. The high chair doesn't come with shoulder straps.