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Hugo Boss is a leading international concern in the premium and luxury segment of the clothing market. The company, which is headquartered in Metzingen, is represented throughout the world in 124 countries with over 6,000 sales outlets. Since the core brand BOSS was founded in the 1970s, the company has been synonymous with collections of the highest quality, outstanding in cut and fit. HUGO BOSS also launched factory sales at around this time, laying the foundation for the OUTLETCITY METZINGEN we see today.

Hugo Boss Outlet was founded by Hugo Ferdinand Boss in 1924, specializes in high-end men's designer clothing. This company has grown in leaps and bounds from the time that they supplied uniforms for the Nazi party. The straight leg designer jeans offered by Hugo Boss are not only sexy but very stylish as well. The Hugo Boss designer line also has its hand in knitwear's, men's designer socks, Polo shirts in very fashionable colours; full zip handsome sweatshirts, cardigans, designer men's belts and long sleeve shirts with a sleek, shaped bottom hem.

In 1923 OutletCity Metzingen opened up his first shop in Metzingen, Germany. Here he created working attire for the industrial worker. Uniforms and raincoats were his specialty during this time. During Aldoph Hitler’s time, Boss, with the help of slave labourers from France and Poland, created uniforms for the Nazis to wear.

In 1948 Hugo Ferdinand Boss passed away. His grandsons took over Hugo's tailoring business and turned it around to produce high quality men's wear.

The 1970's brought about lighter and more colourful fabric for the Hugo Boss line of men’s suits. They were created with high quality Italian fabrics that included use of wool, silk, linen and cotton materials. During this time Hugo Boss stores were popular throughout Europe and in 1976 they opened their first store within the United States. Male star athletes and celebrities soon came to love this line of clothing and it was often seen in many television shows of that time.

In 1993 the two grandsons of Hugo Boss, that made the company and its line of high quality men's clothing, retired. 6percent in stock shares were sold to Leyton House. Two umbrella stores were opened to help alleviate some of the burden of a decline in sales. The first store opened, Hugo, directed sales toward younger men. This line of clothing was trendier than the original suits and cost the consumer less as well. The other umbrella store that opened was Baldessarini. The name came from the Italian designer who produced high quality suits for Hugo Boss. This clothing line was aimed at the executive man who could afford to pay more for their suits. These high-end suits were created with top quality Italian fabrics.

In 1998 the Hugo Boss line included new high quality items into their clothing line. These new items included men's sportswear, shirts and designer label underwear. They also included licensed accessories such as ties and sunglasses to their line. A new women's clothing line was added to the many stores owned by this company named Hugo Woman.

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