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Where Can I Find a Handyman?

Since a handyman is an extremely general term for someone who can do just about anything, if you need some Home Improvement work done around the house and you can’t do it yourself either through your lack of skill or not enough time, then you need to find a handyman. A handyman doesn't need a license to do his job as others including plumbers or electricians do. Virtually anybody who is good with his hands, has always had an interest in fixing things, and it has a full tool box, can call himself a handyman. Because with this, you should be very thorough inside your interviews as you look for a handyman to hire for any remodeling work. Handymen are usually jacks of all trades; they often have experience in many areas that may not even relate to each another. Joe might like to do all sorts of yard work and house painting while Phil likes to do flooring and odds and ends. That’s perfectly OK. Online project and job boards like may help resources when it comes time to find, evaluate, and use almost any type of Home Remodeling or repair expert. However, if you can’t find the right person, you will find choices. For certain types of work, it’s simple to visit any large home improvement center and look at their public bulltinboards up front where people put ads and business card printing. Look for cards that say Remodeling Repairs, Flooring, Woodworking, Painting, Landscaping, Outdoor lighting… what you may need done for home improvement. Also check out the classified section in your local newspaper. If you don’t subscribe, go online. Many newspapers allow free postings in their online versions and you might be able to find more handyman ads there than in the print version. Obviously, always check with people you realize - neighbors, people from work, relatives, etc. - to see if they know of anyone. As an example, if you live in a new community where all the houses went up at comparable time, things will usually all start needing repairs at the same time. If you need your driveway done, or if you want your tiles cleaned and re-grouted, there’s a high probability someone else you know has had it done and will also be happy to give you the referral. Should you choose plan on using someone that your neighbor recommends, you might want to drop by and actually the see the home improvement work he did. This is the greatest kind of reference you can actually expect.