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Comcheck is nothing but a software developed by the United States department of energy. It is used as a tool by the design professionals and contractors in order to determine, whether their project fulfills the requirements of the recent current energy code, which was adopted by the Massachusetts. As per law, the Massachusetts is in need to adopt the most recent national code within a year from its effective date. As per January 2010, the state of Massachusetts has adopted the 2009 IECC code. The design professional or contractor are allowed to enter the information that are taken from their building plans into the Comcheck software, and then they can determine whether their new building complies with the least energy code standard that are outlined in 2009 IECC.


Usually, compliance can be done in two ways such as prescriptive method or by performance method. In terms of prescriptive method, the list consists of maximum U-factor or minimum R-value requirements for each and every building component like as walls, windows, and roofs. This method is very easy to use as well as fast, but some kinds of users may find it quite restrictive, since the requirements are based on the worst-case assumptions as well as the requirements that are specified have to be met exactly. In terms of performance method, you are allowed to trade decreased energy efficiency components against enhanced energy efficiency components. Compared to previous method, this way is less restrictive, because if the requirements are exceeded by some components, can be compensated by others, which does not meet the codes. The energy code compliance is simplified by the Comcheck software by means of computerizing the trade-off calculation.

You can get the comcheck both in online version as well as in desktop version. Desktop version is referred as Comcheck, which can be easily installed on both MAC and PC systems. Online version is referred as Comcheck-web, which functions same like desktop version without the need for installation or downloading. You can able to save the projects online and access them whenever you want from anywhere. Comcheck is also available in numerous version and some of the most popular Comcheck versions are 3.6, 3.5, 3.7, 3.4, and 3.8.

Main purpose of using Comcheck is to clarify as well as simplify the energy codes of commercial building. The Comcheck software can be mostly used with the commercial energy code based on IES/ ASHRAE Standard 90.1-1999/1989/2001/2004 or with the 1998, 2001, 2000, 2003, 2006 or 2004, IECC. By using the Comcheck software, the designers can save their effort and time in documenting energy code compliance. Actually, it makes use of easy to understand approach, for determining compliance with the commercial building code requirements for lighting, envelope, and mechanical systems. It is mainly used for commercial building. You can easily get the software from many online sites. They can be easily downloaded for free. It offers easy verification of standard or code compliance. Hence, Comcheck software is the right choice for the designer and professional that helps to save their time and effort.