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With every business opportunity you will find associated risks. I consider it my duty to describe to you these risks so you make the best decision. I do want to take the hype out of the program so that you make a decision based on logic in place of emotions.

Zeek Rewards is a quite high paying program. There is nothing comparable with this on the net. With high returns there can be some risks. Let me first explain you the risks and then I am going to tell several strategies that I am using to minimise the risks.

Penny auctions have been around in existence for around 10 years but this industry is perhaps not regulated. There is a chance of government regulations Zeek Rewards Scam entering force at a later date that will change the profitability of the enterprize model.

ZeekRewards pays you for placing an advertisement each day for a rolling period of 90 days from the day you purchase VIP bids. By the end of 90 days your bids retire. Your profitability will undoubtedly be affected in the event you fail to place an advertisement on a particular day due to oversight or illness. During the time of writing I am getting retail profit share of just one. Zeekrewards relates to over $200 per day. Here is the loss I am going to suffer in case I actually do not place my advertisement for the day.