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Top 100 Promotional Merchandise

At, we've got a number of different wholesale promotional items that you can get for your company or organization. We've got a wide assortment of merchandise for you to decide from. Nylon Woven Screen Printed Lanyards We now have excellent lanyards that are wonderful wholesale promotional presents. You¡¯re able to purchase them in large quantities for a very low price. You can actually get our nylon woven screen printed lanyards that arrive with O-rings and a pouch for the label. We have now lanyards in a riot of colors like white, gray, black, purple, navy, royal, red, orange, hunter green, yellow, burgundy and electric blue. We could screen print your emblem or organization name on the lanyards. Our lanyards would be quite prominent and visible when people wear them around their necks. Gel Eye Masks More than ever before, people have started using computers for all kinds of purposes. Many people experience eye strain due to prolonged hours sitting before the computer terminal. One of the best reliefs for eye strain is the gel eye mask. After long periods of eye strain, just use our masks to provide relief from stress and enjoy a soothing experience. These gel eye masks are also great as promotional gifts since we can easily customize them with your company brand or message. Fashion Jewelry If most of your clients are women, then it is easy to go for from our exciting line of fashion jewelry. Our fashion jewelry pieces are fast-moving merchandise in our online store. Women love to wear fashion jewelry as they look trendy on a number of clothes and are very inexpensive. Our programs are available in beautiful designs and brilliant colors to add beauty to your women clients. LED Book Light This innovative product is useful for reading at night without disturbing your partner. The LED book light is versatile and compact. The LEDs used in our LED book lights are bright and can focus light on a narrow area to illuminate only the book. You'll be able to adjust the plastic neck to position the light so that it focuses accurately on the area which you wish to illuminate. You could potentially also fix the light to a desktop computer or monitor since it can be powered from the USB port of a computer. Browse through our extensive collection of the Top 100 Promotional Products in our inventory and order them wholesale for your company. Our selling prices are very competitive and our items are high quality. Visit to purchase some of the Top 100 Promotional Products and solutions and Top 100 Promotional Products from China. We are the biggest and best wholesaler of Promotional Gifts, promotional services, and promotional merchandise from China for the US and UK markets.