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What's probably most ironic in regards to the bizarre "controversy" surrounding Barack Obama's birthplace is the fact that he's actually the only sitting President in US history to possess made his certificate of a birth public (it's online for all to see and has been confirmed by the State of Hawaii to be his real certificate of a birth.)

Isn't it funny that the President who has provided more proof than any other of his birthplace will be the one who has these ridiculous rumors (such as the completely insane baseless myth which he was born in Kenya) swirling around him? By funny, I mean funny "weird" more than funny "ha ha" although in the dark humor sort of way it's funny like that too.

It's clear that you have a certain segment of the US population that just can't stand that a black "liberal" (he's not really particularly liberal, he'd be right of center in most Western democracies and he's a centrist in america) was elected President in November of 2008 by nearly Tens of millions of votes. They can't stand it so much that they make up ridiculous conspiracy theories about how the President is hiding his "long form birth record."

So What About this "Long Form Birth Certificate"?

There is absolutely no such thing. What these conspiracy theorists are most likely referring to is the "birth certificate" that individuals sometimes get at a hospital (in many cases complete with the baby's footprint, etc) however that kind is actually simply a souvenir meant for scrapbooks and contains absolutely no legal meaning. As an example the hospital souveneir is not appropriate for getting a passport, while the official state certified birth certificate Obama put on the internet is.

President Barack Obama - In other words, these "birthers" (the name for the conspiracy theorists who won't admit well-known fact that Obama was created in Hawaii) won't accept the state certified birth certificate that Obama has put online because they'd rather visit a meaningless souvenir instead. It's such a ridiculous concept as to be truly hilarious.

There's Only 1 Type Of State Certified Birth Certificate

When you contact the state of your birth and ask for a certified copy of the birth certificate they send a particular type of "certificate of live birth" (each state's forms are particular to that particular state.) In Hawaii they send you the type of document that Obama placed. That's it. There's no other kind. There's nothing he's hiding. In reality, as mentioned at the beginning of this short article, he's shown greater than any President ever.

When you ask for your birth record there's no box you check for "short form" or "long form." There's only 1 official birth certificate document in a condition at any one time (these forms may change over time of course, which is why some individuals show examples of forms with additional or less information on them, even in exactly the same state.)

This Is Concerning the "Birthers" Being Anti-American

election 2012 - So as you can observe there's absolutely nothing to this so called "issue." It's a complete fantasy in the minds of some conspiracy theorists called "birthers" who are looking for any kind of loophole they can find to overturn the democratic will of the American people. To me you cannot get anymore Anti-American than that. If The president isn't their President, chances are they aren't Americans.

You don't have to like President Obama's politics (it's our right as Americans to disagree using the President) but you should a minimum of respect the office cheap he won the election by nearly Ten million votes.