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Notebooks no longer have to be referred to simply as pieces of paper bound and covered with a paperback or hardbound covering. These days, notebooks have a double connotation. Notebooks now could either pertain to the notebooks that we use to write stuff on with the use of a pen or Notebooks 3D, or the notebooks that we use to write stuff on using a keyboard. Yes, the latter refers to a kind of computer that is portable, that could work on rechargeable batteries and are meant to be of the same size as the traditional notebooks that we know of. Notebook PCs basically do not necessitate the need for a desk to put them on, only a flat surface, such as our laps; thus, they are also known as laptop computers.

Guide to Notebook Screen Sizes

But then, referring to notebook PCs as simply portable computers with a size matching that of notebooks would be kind of tricky as it would be misleading. That is because the screen sizes of notebook generally vary. There features may also vary, but the main point is that all these are made for convenient usage.

There have normally been two types of notebook PCs as per the screen size 3D Technick Notebook. There are widescreen notebook as well as the standard notebook. Standard notebook PCs typically have a screen size of about 15 to 17 inches. On the other hand, most lightweight and ultra portable notebook PCs come with a screen size of 14 inches or less.

Which Notebook Screen Size is Best

In considering which screen size of notebook is best, the first thing one has to keep in mind is what he will be using the notebook for. If he will be doing a lot of traveling with the notebook, chances are, it would be best for him to avail of a notebook of the smaller size. On the other hand, if the notebook were to be used mostly for project presentations, then he might want a notebook PC that has a larger screen size. Also, if the user has poor eyesight or he would rather use the notebook more for gaming, then he would most probably benefit with a notebook PC with a wide screen, since he will see the characters better this way.

Alternatives to a Widescreen Notebook PC

Many people would definitely prefer a widescreen notebook because of the visual benefit, but the problem with them is that they are often heavy and add a lot of weight to their airport luggage when they go traveling. An alternative would be to buy a widescreen 3D Laptops that is wafer thin. This comes at a considerably higher price, but at least, the user will get to see his figures better now without putting too much load on his back.