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Lotto 007 XP 2012 is really a powerful, mathematics based, lottery software. It can be accustomed to analyze and process the info of previous drawings, generating tickets, and filtering tickets. Software automatically checks the winning combination and is competent to provide free live drawings update. All of features are found and on day after day providing live updates and analysis. Software program is optimized to any or all Lotto Lotteries such as: Pick 4, Pick 5, Pick 6, Pick 7 (Powerball Lottery, Euro Millions Lottery, Mega Millions Lottery, etc.) with bonus 0-2 numbers available. Lotto 007 XP 2012 is user ¡§C friendly to any or all player categories, from novice to professional players. Software programs are designed with over 40 filters. Besides the software's reliability, programmers have added over 14 statistics and over 50 graphs. Lotto 007 XP has a self-lottery feature ¡§C you'll be able to import and export the drawings data from the .txt file. Generally, it can be handy and straightforward to work with software with strong analytical background, optimized to everyone user categories.

Lotto007 XP supported U . s . Lotteries:

Multi-State: Power Ball, Mega Millions, Lotto South, Hot Lotto, Win for a lifetime.

Arizona: Arizona The Pick, Arizona The Pick 5.

California: California Super Lotto Plus, California Fantasy 5 ColoradoColorado Lotto, Colorado Cash 5.

Connecticut: Connecticut Classic Lotto, Connecticut Cash 5.

Delaware: Delaware Multi-Win Lotto.

District of Columbia: DC Daily 6, DC Rolling Cash.

Florida: Florida Lotto, Florida Fantasy 5, Florida Mega Money.

Georgia: Georgia Fantasy 5, Win for a lifetime .

Idaho: Idaho Wild Card 2.

Illinois: Illinois Lotto, Illinois Little Lotto.

Indiana: Indiana Combine, Indiana Hoosier Lotto, Indiana Lucky 5 Lotto, Indiana Midday Lucky 5.

Iowa: Iowa Cash Game.

Kansas: Super Kansas.

Kentucky: Kentucky Cash Ball, Kentucky Three Line Lotto

Louisiana: Louisiana Lotto, Louisiana Easy 5.

Maine: TriState Megabucks, TriState Heads or Tails TriState Paycheck, TriState Triple play.

Maryland: Maryland Bonus Match 5, Maryland Multi Match, Maryland Lotto.

Massachusetts: Massachusetts Cash WinFall, Massachusetts Millions Massachusetts Megabucks Massachusetts Mash Cash

Michigan: Michigan Fantasy 5 Michigan Classic Lotto 47.

Minnesota: Minnesota Gopher 5, Minnesota Hot Lotto, Minnesota Northstar Cash.

Missouri: Missouri Lotto, Missouri Show Me 5 Paydown, Missouri Midday Show Me 5 Paydown.

Montana: Montana Wild Card 2, Montana Cash, Montana Hot Lotto

Nebraska: Nebraska Pick 5.

New Hampahire: TriState Megabucks, TriState Playcheck.

Nj-new jersey: Nj Pick Six Lotto, New Jersey Cash 5.

Boise state broncos: Road Runner Cash.

Nyc: The big apple Lotto, Nyc Take 5.

North Carolina: New york Cash.

North Dakota: Wid Card 2.

Ohio: Ohio Rolling Cash 5, Ohio Classic Lotto.

Oklahoma: Oklahoma Cash 5.

Oregon: Oregon 648 Megabucks, Oregon Win for Life.

Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania Match 6 Lotto, Pennsylvania Cash 5 Pennsylvania Treasure hunts, Pennsylvania Min and Match.

Puerto Rico: Puerto Rico Loteria Electronica.

Rhode Island: Rhode Island Wild Money.

Structured: South Carolina Palmetto Cash 5, South Carolina MegaMatch 6.

South Dakota: Wild Card 2, South Dakota Cash.

Texas: Texas Lotto Texas, Texas Cash Five, Texas Two Step.

Tennessee: Tennessee Lotto Plus, Tennessee Lotto 5 Tennessee Cash.

Vermont: TriState Megabucks, TriState Playcheck.

Virginia: Virginia Cash 5Virginia Midday Cash 5.

Washington: Washington Lotto, Washington Hit 5, Washington Match 4

West Wirginia: West Wirginia Cash 25. Wisconsin: Wisconsin Badger 5 Wisconsin Megabucks Wisconsin Super Cash .