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If you had recently taken a look online at the sheer amount of love dolls that are now on the market for men to enjoy, you might think that it could be the best idea since sliced bread! From cyberskin varieties to the usual stag night style plastic blow up versions, you can get practically any kind of love dolls that you might be on the market for. As with most things in life, these love dolls come with both their pros and cons and we are going to investigate these now.

We will start with the pros: 

Firstly, these love dolls and especially the cyberskin varieties really give you something to have and to hold when you are faced with a lonely night in. For the guy that is suffering with a -dry spell- on the love front or simply someone that doesn't have time to fit in real relationships into his busy schedule, there is no need to miss out and with the new range of materials that are now on the market such as cyberskin, it will almost feel as if you having sex with the real thing! 
Not only can these unique dolls be used alone but they can also be enjoyed with a partner if you are looking to have a threesome but are not sure how well it would be handled it. Think of this as a practice run of the real thing especially with the real life materials that you can get your hands (or any other part of your anatomy on) and this could be just as good as the real thing without the need for any awkwardness! 
For some men, the thought of putting their penis into a plastic style vagina simply doesn't cut it. Cyberskin love dolls give a truly realistic feel that means that you might never have the need for a real vagina ever again! 
With all of the sex toys that there are on the market for women, it was about time that they came up with some pretty unique toys for the boys too! 
And now for the cons: Love dolls are hardly discreet! Unless you plan on inflating and deflating every time you want to use your precious doll, you are going to have to find somewhere to hide her that the flat mate/kids/wife/parents can't find and when you consider the lifelike and life size cyberskin varieties you can get your hands on, it might be time to empty your closet and hide her in there! 
As already mentioned, inflating and deflating can be a pain especially if you have to do this every time you want to play. There is nothing sexy about pumping up a girl with a bicycle pump and there is nothing else on earth that is guaranteed to lose your erection this quick either. 
Some men may find it hard to get to grips with love dolls as the stigma that was once attached to them can be hard to shake. Although there are points for both sides of the debate, there is no denying that love dolls and especially varieties such as the cyberskin ones have greatly improved the lives of men all over the world. Perhaps it is time for you to give them a try? 

A look at the pros and cons for the somekeyword for men. With many varieties on the market such as somekeyword and silicone ones, it would seem as if these are a winner for any man that wants a little bit of cheeky fun!