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Reverse Cell phone Directory: Reverse mobile phone directories can be used to learn the identity of the individual with the help of their cellular phone cell number. That the name of that the owner, the address if available, the name of that the cellular phone company and carrier can be obtained for a reasonable remuneration. These directories provide unpublished info by establishing a working relationship with that the cellular phone agencies. The zip code and the name of that the reverse cell phone lookup carrier may be available at no cost of charge. People have to necessarily pay for other information since that the reverse phone directories get the this unpublished info by paying the mobile phone cell phone corporations. Depending on our need, we can pay a one time user fee or pay an annual subscription for looking up a bunch of reverse cell phone lookup. In case a person desires detailed info, that the cost of the one time fee will be around $70. Of course, the charge would depend on the kind of information desired. reverse cell phone lookup