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Want to quickly conserve text, code, documents or images and not email or save it on a storage gadget? kl1p, a internet application, lets a person easily write about text and also code over the internet. Kl1p is usually an online notepad, which helps you store any sort of text, whether plain or loaded text. Moreover, it helps you even conserve and share programming codes. With it, you can send many content from one system to a further. All it is advisable to do will be enter the custom URL on your own, after which usually kl1p will give you you along with several options to make or add documents, images, text and more. Once done, copy the URLs for any content a person create along with access it from any PC as well as share with others.

To begin with, all you'll want to do is actually enter the custom LINK and hit Enter.

Kl1p carries a slick interface, with many options located on the left facet. You can get three essential categories, comprising Equipment, Create along with kl1p Saved. The Tools category features Lock, Copy URL and Delete options, whereas the Create group has Simple kl1p, Rich text kl1p, Code kl1p, Image kl1p along with Document kl1p. The docs you create are many saved less than the kl1p Stored option.

Click Plain kl1p to make a plain text record, or hit Rich Copy for advanced options. Once carried out, click Preserve, copy that URL in addition to share along with others. The Share Text editor offers customers with a wide range of options, and you'll be able to add photos, tables, hyperlinks and much more. Furthermore, you can certainly change that font, size, color in addition to format. Each element has its set regarding options, and you could select these reported by your personal preferences, quickly add documents, paste text and entry it via any system.

The software offers end users with options to make or upload programming requirements, images in addition to documents. It helps you upload any kind of document, and also lets you view the idea right inside your browser.

You may also easily add images. Once that images were uploaded, Link, Direct link, Forum computer code, Hyperlinked Html code and Photo HTML Code editor buttons are generated.

kl1p is user-friendly, allows you to save documents and admittance them through any device. The provider is free and won't require indicative up. You may also install your Chrome extendable for kl1p in the link down below.