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Fotze (or Votze) is really a vulgar german term for that exterior, primary woman sex organs (vulva). The term is when compared with ladies, occasionally utilized as a gross insult to males.

It had been first pointed out in the 7th Century from Kilian within the following items: fotte 'cunnus' as well as fotze 'villus'. In Aged Norse, it is found as being a fud, vaginal area (also within the substance words fu?flogi Bride refugee as well as fu?hundr like a dirty expression, notice becket. In Swedish is a word dolore, the particular Danish fittest, additionally, it borrows Finnish vittu is. Probably the word the particular IE root * pu-, to bring lazy 'and would make reference to in connection to an agonizing scent. A far more plausible link will be the FOR EXAMPLE to the trunk area 2. pu (? ) --, thicker, inflated '., That is present in different words and phrases for the back part (eg Skt putau, buttocks', ancient Greek, g? general electric, rump' and also pynnos, rump 'Latin Podex). The Middle High German born word vut relates not only to the actual vulva, but the rump. Within Germanic dialects?? there are also nevertheless a number of homonymous rhyming words of the web form * place (t) : (Swedish puta and also puso, ostfr?nk contact (s), Middle Low German turkey, jobelin Potz, carinthian plasters, altisl puss, France puss niederdt.... puse, British pussy) and kut 2. (t) : (niederdt. cowl, Nederlander kut, moderate cutte the english language, English reduce, Swedish and also cutaneous kusa)... A few of these words have a supplementary meaning, hug, kiss lip area, pout '(cf. Kiss, Bussi, and so on ), which could explain the foundation from the Bavarian vocabulary make use of.