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People who suffer from social anxiety may find themselves experiencing feelings such as nervousness, anxiousness and embarrassment in public settings. Sufferers usually find it difficult to interact with others and are always worried about how they are perceived.

Everyone has experienced a time where they've felt embarrassment or nervousness in a social setting. Perhaps it was in a meeting when you had to give a presentation or when someone told an embarrassing story about you. Most people would feel anxious or a little embarrassed at these times.

So does that mean everybody suffers from this disorder? No, social anxiety is far more debilitating. For instance, imagine a non-sufferer about to walk onto a podium to give a public speech. They might feel a little apprehensive and anxious.

A social anxiety sufferer on the other hand would experience severe anxiety and be plagued with worrying thoughts. They would probably work themselves into an emotionally distressing state and find themselves unable to perform on the day. Feelings such as extreme fear and self-consciousness are common with sufferers as well as thoughts of being scrutinized or ridiculed by others.

Social anxiety has various possible causes. It can be a learned condition from a family member who suffers from an anxiety disorder in addition to being passed on through genes. Bad past social experiences can potentially trigger this disorder. Some people may also have a hypersensitive response to fear and stress.

Living with social anxiety is extremely difficult. A sufferer might even see that his or her fear is ridiculous and illogical. However, this still cannot hold back the overwhelming symptoms that flood a sufferer. Success with psychotherapies does mean that there is light at the end of the tunnel for sufferers however.

family therapy is highly under-recognized and under-treated and millions go on without a clue that they have an anxiety disorder. Many simply don't recognize the disorder but realize that they have a problem. A seemingly obvious answer may be due to the fact that social anxiety sufferers fear seeing a doctor because of their disorder.

Left without treatment a sufferer's condition can worsen. Many sufferers of anxiety disorders also develop depression making life even more difficult. Insomnia and other sleep problems are also common with sufferers. Sufferers may also find themselves resorting to drugs and alcohol in an attempt to escape or because they feel there's nothing to live for.

The first step to overcome social anxiety is to learn about it and understand the triggers. Furthermore, treatment should be sought. Symptoms can be reduced immensely and even eliminated with certain therapies and treatments that are available.