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myrtle beach golf vacations have become more popular than in the past, due to their affordability and countless options to choose from in terms of courses and lodgings for a stay any length.

If you should be racking your brains on where you can stay during your time off the green, it could be golf myrtle beach without knowing locals or where to find the best deals. If you will undoubtedly be staying for a long period of time, renting a villa may be the most useful route, yet for shorter durations, there are many inns and motels available as well. For a high end, exciting experience, the Myrtlewood Villas are found just off highway 17 and provide great use of beaches, shopping, and the historic Myrtlewood Club. Each unit in the condominium comes complete with poolside myrtle beach golf vacations and optional daily maid service. Both the one and two bedroom options sleep between four and six adults and also have full kitchens and patio/decks. For nighttime entertainment nearby Celebrity Square provides clubs galore! For a long week-end visit, nestled between the Atlantic ocean and stunning Shallotte inlet may be the beautiful Shallotte Holiday Inn Express. Full kitchens alongside all amenities are standard, along with maid service and a backyard pool to cool off after a day on the greens. Morning meal is included as well to truly get you out of bed and onto the course that much quicker.