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Contact: Simon Shannon Joelocal Pty. Ltd 1800 868 305 Sydney, NSW - Joe Local will Launch the first of its Plumbing directories later this month. Plumbers from around Sydney are urged to take up this new and exciting offer, starting on 1/3/2012. As a result of this announcement consumers can expect more detailed search results from Google, especially when they type in keywords such as " plumber engadine ", "plumbing" "24 Hour Plumber", "24 Hour Plumbing" and " plumber neutral bay " to name a few. More specific search term results such as these are expected to make searching the web easier and therefore will allow more time for other pursuits such as making a nice cup of afternoon tea, watching the footy on TV or shagging the missus. "Plumbing in Sydney will never quite be the same again" says Andrew Hunter, CEO of Joe Local international. "Expect the companies who come on board with this thing to excel above and beyond their competition. I anticipate the Joe Local process to be directly responsible for the rise of a number of future, all powerful plumbing conglomerates" Subscription to the new Joe Local Plumbing Directory are currently open for all regions in Sydney. Joe Local representatives are urging all perspective clients to get in quick, as only one opening is available for each region To qualify for this listing, as a pre-requisite Plumbers must prove that they can unblock a drain, make a gas connection, offer a 24-hour round the clock plumbing service, install a hot water tank and wear their pants below their arse crack. For more information please contact the Joe Local team directly.