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The whole notion of net hosting is really exciting. When you visit a site a net page is shown. This net page is downloaded from the server exactly where net web site is hosted to your internet browser. A website consists of numerous internet pages which are created up of graphic pictures and texts. These net pages are stored on the server and are downloaded to web browser when somebody needs to view them. So if you intend to host a web site then very first thing which you need to have is a internet host who will be supplying you the net space over the server for your website. The host proving this hosting facility is named web hosting business or provider. Once your web site is on the server then the users can access it through world wide web and requested pages will be downloaded to his browser on clicking on the links. A nicely established host can give hosting facility to a quantity of sites. Hostgator, a nicely known hosting provider hosts a lot more than four lakh websites on its servers. For this it demands numerous net servers for hosting these web sites. Immediately after this these servers are connected to the world wide web. These servers are kept in a physical information centers. Considering that these information centers are required to be functional all the time so these data centers are created totally secure with 24X7 power-backup. Correct arrangements are there to shield these from fire. These have virus detection programs and temperature control systems with appropriate information back-up facility. Arrangements for disaster recovery are also needed for these information canters in case of any major disaster. Now as far a net hosting is concerned, it can be of many types- shared hosting, devoted hosting, co-place hosting and reseller hosting. In shared hosting there are many web sites which share a typical space on the server. Since a server can host numerous websites individuals believe that the performance of the server deteriorates with the increase in number of internet sites that are being hosted on the server, but this is totally incorrect as servers are equipped with high finish components to cater to such loads. In case of dedicated hosting, a customer is provided with a precise server. Given that the server is dedicated to one consumer only, he can host as numerous sites as he desires on that server. In case of dedicated hosting the client has the choice of changing software program configuration and he can deal with significant internet site visitors. The charges for dedicated hosting very high and can range from $50 to $500 per month depending upon the facilities provided by the organization. In case on co-place hosting, the customer can also own the hardware of the web server with all the facilities of devoted hosting. It gives far more flexibility to the client in terms of upkeep and manage. In reseller hosting a web space is offered to a party at some discounted price by the provider and this party can resell this space to some other consumer in order to make profit. official website