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Should your PlayStation 3 Used Sony PS3 Blu-Ray Drive, KES-450 ModelSleek is not really knowing games or Bluray discs, the actual console's internal Blueray drive may have malfunctioned or died. It can save you your significant amount of money through replacing the Blue-ray disc drive by yourself. This drive is a suited replacement for your personal existing defective or perhaps damaged push. This includes everything other than the logic-control table. You will need to mount your original drive logic board this mates with your PS3 motherboard to the bottom part with this bluray PS3 Slim Kes-450a Kem-450aaa Blu Ray Drive generate, caused by PS3 security protection. Then just hook up the cables and you are positioned. No need to shell out high repair expense, this device is easy to install, zero special tools required. Guaranteed 100% tested as well as working