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Kim Fuqua County Management Dow Constantine obviously was involved in a loving affair along with Hope Fuqua, a local communications consultant, based on a Saturday, May 12 email I attained today.

Constantine, 60, is absolutely not committed, but possesses a longtime mate, Shirley Carlson. Fuqua's psychological email indicates Constantine was bursting off an intimate relationship having [ Kim Fuqua]. Her email, which will appears to get inadvertenly been paid to dozens of contacts, identifies experiencing Constantine not too long ago on Fri. We certainly have a demand directly into Constantine's business office for his routine that day time.

Fuqua is in the central of a divorce process via Alex Alben, a nearby high-tech expert and former Democratic [ Kim Fuqua Seattle] candidate for US Our elected representatives in 2004.

All of us haven't seen any evidence that will Constantine's liaison having Fuqua crossed legitimate lines or raised legal queries. Although his / her office is basically non-partisan, Constantine is really a longtime Democratic politician as well as office holder who have often also been mentioned being a potential applicant for governor. Democratic Snohomish Region Exec Aaron Reardon is [ Kim Fuqua] analysis by the Miami Condition Patrol for likely misuse of open money in element related to an affair having been reportedly getting.