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When the city of AUSTIN CONDOS the Congress Street Bridge in the 80s, they unwittingly developed the single most preferred urban bat-cave inside the country. The bridge is now property to over 1.5 million Mexican Cost-free Tail bats at the peak of the season. The colony also ropes an additional ten million dollars each year for Austin's burgeoning tourist business. Even though the bats were once maligned, just after extra than two decades, environmental groups, farmers, tourists, nearby small business owners and even genuine estate developers are all showing an overwhelming interest in producing their furry flying buddies feel at household in Austin.


Just about every summer night, hundreds of individuals witness one of the most spectacular wildlife displays in any major urban center. Rising like a black cloud of birds at sunset, the colony of mother bats and their pups take off over Ladybird Lake (Town Lake) and into Texas hill country in search of food. This is terrific news for farmers, as the bats consume about 15 tons of insects and crop pests within a single night. It really is also terrific news for the city and local corporations as the bat show continues to draw attention from tourists around the world. Common boat tours as well as a city sponsored festival are other signs that Austin is eager to roll out the red carpet for the free of charge tails. This year marked the third annual Austin BatFest - a public celebration in early September that contains much more than 150 artisans and vendors, musical performances, educational displays and of course - bat watching. But if there ever was a sign that the welcome was official it could possibly be coming from local condominium developers.


When tourists flock to the city, the burgeoning condominium market in Austin is producing space for the bats and also the residents who adore them. The latest wave of downtown improvement has got condo developments going up all around Ladybird Lake in the heart of your city, some of them with perfect views of Austin's most novel tourist attraction. And although a room with a view is absolutely nothing to become sneezed at, what about a sixth floor terradce with resort-sized pool, fire-pits, dining tables along with a totally unobstructed view of the Congress Street Bridge? The Shore condos in the corner of Davis and Red River Streets will luxuriously give just that. From the comfort with the terrace, lucky residents can simply host poolside barbecue parties though their guests are entertained by Austin's most current all-natural phenomenon.

The two-tower project will contain 192 luxury condominiums linked to a new upscale hotel. A perfect roost for probably the most urban environmentalists, the improvement also meets the requirements of AUSTIN CONDOS. Developers have ensured that the condos meet program requirements for energy efficiency, natural resource conservation, recycling and environmentally-friendly creating supplies.