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I undergone a new type of Mobile Snatcher and Grabber which can be very harmful to your business. Remember, the Snatcher and Grabber is someone who wants something for free or not exactly free. This past week I had a business owner request a quote on training three people at their business. I wanted to work with the three employees only charging what I on average charge for larger group coaching sessions because she was a referral. I was actually somewhat mad at myself for quoting the low price. Anyone came back with a counter offer attempting to then pay only to possess one individual trained. Ding Ding Ding. I saw just what this person was going to do. She was going snatch and Cellphone Number Snatcher. She wanted to learn my business secrets after which train her two employees thus saving herself money.

I countered her offer by educating her on the price of my private coaching fee and explaining the fee quoted was for group coaching. I also explained that if she wished to use my materials to coach her employees she would have to pay the licensing fee rate for my intellectual property Mobilesnatcher.com.