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Pen spinning is some sort of object manipulation that involves the deft manipulation of an writing instrument with one's palms. Although it is often considered a form of self-entertainment (usually within a school/office setting), multinational competitions and meetings are sometimes held. [1] It is a form of contact juggling. It can also be classified as a sport activity. Pen spinning is termed "pen mawashi" (compare for instance mawashi-geri, "round-kick") and also, more disparagingly, "rōnin mawashi" "college college student spinning" in Japan where the pastime has been popular since at the least the 1970s, and in which the Pen Spinning Association Japan is right now dedicated to promoting the aspiring art form. While its origins stay unclear, pen-spinning is quickly gaining international popularity as a result of on-line video sharing together with forums. According to Masaki Tsukada, chairman with the Japanese pen spinners, pen spinning now has dedicated movements in South Korea and the united states.

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