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6 Ways to Make a Repair With Duct Tape

Duct tape is definitely the go-to repair material preferred by those quick-fixes. It's a three-layer tape that includes a plastic top layer, followed by a fabric mesh inner layer, and a rubber-based adhesive layer to provide maximum stickiness. It's one of the strongest tapes and may be utilized for almost anything. One benefit of the tape is it could be ripped with bare hands and does not require special cutting tools despite its strength and adaptability. Because of so many uses it's not easy to narrow down repairs that may be finished with duct tape, however the six repairs below can help get you up and running in no time.

1. Vacuum Hose If your vacuum hose is promoting a hole, fear not. A quick round of duct tape around the hose should correct the problem and be sure proper suction. You may want to tape above and below the hole, simply to make sure that the hole is completely covered.

2. Window Protection Is your home in the path of hurricane or any other potentially damaging storm? Place duct tape diagonally across your home's windows to prevent them from shattering. Use adhesive remover to get rid of the sticky residue once the storm has passed.

3. Car Repair It is true that the bumper fixed with duct tape looks a little peculiar, but anyone that has ever had a loose bumper knows, it can be a life saver until you can get to a repair shop. Store a roll of duct tape in your trunk for those times when you need a quick fix.

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4. Broken Furniture May be the leg threatening to split apart on your coffee table? Wrap duct tape around it a few times and it'll be as good as new. For any fun and funky look, use colored tape instead of the standard silver. You can also use tape to repair that garden furniture that requires a bit more strength in the webbing.

5. Curtain Repair Has your curtain accidentally been torn after being caught in the window? Smooth the torn area flat as well as on the back of the curtain place a bit of duct tape. This also can be useful for roller shades which have been damaged. If you need to quickly hem a curtain, you can also fold up the foot of the fabric and duct tape the finish towards the main fabric itself. If you want to lengthen it, simply take away the tape and readjust.

6. Shower Curtain Repair If the grommet on your shower curtain has been performed, there's still a method to salvage the curtain. Put a piece of duct tape outrageous fringe of the curtain after which poke a new hole for the shower curtain ring. For any stronger area, put a couple of layers of the tape rather than one.

Duct tape is a superb, inexpensive tool to help keep in your bag of home repair tricks. Its strength and adaptability make it well suited for most anything. Ironically, this tape does not work well for repairing heating and cooling ducts, as it becomes brittle and loses its adhesive strength when subjected to constantly fluctuating temperatures.