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lexiconnyc - If you’ve got an occasion coming up and you’re uncertain what to do, you’ve most likely started searching through sites like Yelp and Citysearch. Like lots of people who do this, you’ve come up with absolutely no idea how you can celebrate. Whether it’s mothering sunday party, bachelor or bachelorette party, or perhaps an important night to reunite with old friends for any roaring time, Lexicon NYC gets the setting and style that you need to party until the break of dawn. Prime Time at Lexicon NYC

Located between 2nd & 3rd Ave on E 54th Street, Lexicon NYC has quickly become one of the prime nightspots in New york. It’s time to grab your pals, a limo, and a few drinks at one of the most stylish new venues inside the city. Waste almost no time and dance the night time away to eclectic DJ’s that are out to keep you grooving all night.

Lexicon NYC & Bachelorette Parties

lexiconnyc - Bachelorette parties will enjoy organizing their party at Lexicon NYC. Using a setting for early evening drinks and a dance floor that’s packed through the night, you can celebrate one further hurrah with the bride to be in a venue. Grab VIP bottle service for exception treatment for the in-crowd. See how far your bride goes one last time before she ties the knot. Organize the bachelorette party at Lexicon NYC and you’ll haven't any need to go anywhere else in Ny. Birthday Parties at Lexicon NYC

Whether you’re turning 21 or going to make your mark along with your 50th birthday, show your friends that you’re still going strong whenever you throw a lavish party at Lexicon NYC. The DJ’s and other entertainment are sure to wow your entire crowd and leave them begging for more even after the party is finished. The modern look and lighting of Lexicon can attract anyone and the drink menu is among the most expansive in Ny.

lexiconnyc - If you have a party or special date coming, you need to organize it at Lexicon NYC. With room for more than 150 people and private events available for booking, you’ll make sure to create memories as the DJ creates the vibe at Lexicon. Start your evening at 10pm by incorporating martinis and dance away well into the evening to help yourself create a meeting to be remembered by both you and your friends at Lexicon NYC