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Often the samsung galaxy s 3features a top facing camera since you may anticipate, however this could accomplish more than just home portrait pictures, videos and video message or calls. The most extraordinary features of the handset is it may follow the moves of your view. This may recognise when you find yourself considering the tv screen, and so the screen never will lock following a preset time frame as is the case on previous cell phones. In addition , it will eventually recognise when you find yourself no longer checking out the product hence the screen will probably lock in so that they can preserve battery power.

The samsung galaxy s 3 is additionally the initial Smartphone to provide true wireless charging (wireless power adaptor purchased separately). Simply place the device onto the phone chrgr and resonance technologies charges the device with no need in order to plug it in to a commissionner.

Naturally there is certainly plenty more towards the Samsung Galaxy S3 of them the characteristics outlined previously mentioned. Consider our upcoming content articles, where My goal is to cover everything you should to know about the most important Android mobile phone release of the calendar year.