Ideas For Landing Repeat Guests

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Author: Jordon Wilder

Your website is up and running. It is bursting at the seams with great content, and more first-time visitors are popping in every day. Congratulations, you have completed half of your duties. After people come to your site for the first time, it is now your job to make sure they come back again and again.

Stale content with nothing new in your site is a sure way of ensuring people lose interest in your site. If the content never changes, there will be no reason for them to come to your site after the first couple of times. Also, search engines do not give high ranking to sites that have no new content in them.

Give your visitors something new to look at. If you are short on time, advertise for guest bloggers, link to interesting articles relevant to your site, or repost a segment from the site's early years. Even something as simple as adding a date counter to your site that shows when your site was last updated will help your rankings with search engines and your image with customers, if you update frequently, that is.

Facilitate bookmarking option on your sites, so as to encourage repeat visitors. To increase the odds of people returning, encourage your visitors to register for your email newsletter or to be notified when you post new information.

Links that encourage people to recommend your site to their friends will also work in your favor. Plug-ins are available that make it simple for people to recommend an article to friends on Facebook or followers on Twitter. You can also get plug-ins for other networking websites such as StumbleUpon and Digg. By including a plug-in that allows users to email an article, you are opening up the potential visitors beyond those who are active on social sites. Your goal is to facilitate the return of visitors to your site, but you also want to enable them to share their findings and draw in new visitors in the process.

You cannot always rely on visitors to use the bookmarking option or your subscription form. You need to give them breadcrumbs back to your website by using relevant keywords in your titles and URL. Your content and descriptions should also include these keywords to ensure your site comes up when those words are searched on a search engine. If your site is not optimized, your earlier visitors may find it difficult to find their way back to your site. Most will rapidly give up and look for other sources for their online needs.

Spamming is something that you absolutely do not want to indulge in. Bombarding your visitors with advertisements is not going to help you reach your objective of getting them back to your site. People hate getting spam and will eventually unsubscribe from your newsletter rather than return to your site.

Put yourself in the shoes of your visitors. If you were visiting a website, what would you like to see? What site features would make you want to return? Think about what would entice your visitors to return. Maybe relevant sales offers or articles containing interesting content keep them there. Every now and then, advertise a contest or promotion. This will lure visitors to return to your site to check out what's new and will increase the number of people interested in your site. Everybody loves a great offer. By giving your visitors intriguing incentives, you are almost guaranteeing they will come back.

Overhaul your website pages every now and then to give it a new look and feel in order to keep your visitors interested. Experiment with a variety of worthwhile online content, and do not bore your audience with the same dribble over and over again. Keep in mind, though, quality is always your first priority. Present new information in an interesting and engaging manner. This will go a long way in ensuring repeat readership. If your visitors can benefit from and enjoy the content on your site, you are sure to get satisfied repeat visits.