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The word "shadow people" was brought once more to the radio in the early 1990's. Bloody Mary tis time it wasn't a serial drama... it was radio stations show "Coast to Coast AM", produced by Art Bell. This show covered a variety of unusual topics with an emphasis on those paranormal in nature.

Art Bell was especially fascinated with these descriptions of shadow people and the similarities in the descriptions people would give. He had Heidi Hollis, a controversial researcher with this phenomenon on his radio show often times. She was of the belief they were evil in nature, and that they was around since the earth's inception... and that they possibly had an extraterrestrial connection.

Nations native to the land we have now call america in many cases are known when people are talking about Shadow Creatures hadow people, shadow beings, or the countless other names they are known as. One day me and my family visited New York. We went past a scary doll shop and there clearly was a CHUCKY doll so when we went past it I saw the doll roll its eyes at me. I was scared, I didn't tell nobody, but the next day in the morning I woke up at 7: 00 AM, and saw a doll open the leading door and run out as fast because it could. I thought I was still asleep, but I did perhaps not know my cousin was behind me and I told him if he saw that and he said, "yes" so there I knew I was not dreaming cause my bro never appears in my dreams.

So later that day we went back to the Haunted Doll Stories shop, but there was a Toys R Us there, so then this dude said right people remember they closed that shop last year cause the devil was possessing it. " There next to the Toys R Us I saw the chucky doll with a sign that said, "I'm visiting enable you to get and at the very bottom it said "victor borrero". That was in 2009, and so they closed it on 2008.