How solve you classify a luxury hotel?

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How solve you classify a luxury hotel? Some of the world's hotel industry cumbersome wigs visited Dubai last month to attend two high-profile travel and hospitality events; The Arabian Lodge Investment Conference (AHIC) and Arabian Travel Sell (ATM). They came loaded with fantastically assured opinions as to what defines a luxury hotel and I inform you instantly more willingly than you read on - they were charitable when it came to shunning some high-profile top-end hotels as accurate luxury brands. Industry unfaltering, MPS Puri, cranium of the Americas, Common Lodge Management (GHM) put his neck taking place the line and categorised the Four Seasons and the Ritz-Carltons of this world as ‘mass affluent' Mandarin Oriental and Raffles, at this moment it had been acquired by Fairmont, were too lumped into this category and "God evade us if The W [hotel brand] is luxury" he confirmed at one of the AHIC seminars. He said ‘luxury' was the mainly oversubscribed utterance in our vocabulary and claimed there was a cloudless difference between heap affluent and luxury. Except what did he require exactly? Puri's definition of luxury is impressive that is bespoke and individualised. Devoted luxury, he supposed was about imperfections and "a touch of hand" "It's exclusive. It's an obsession and a passion, exclusive of reference to cost," he told me. GHM properties were true luxury brands because unlike Ritz-Carlton and Four Seasons properties they are not abundant, consistent, or else great, he supposed. Welf J Ebeling, executive secondary president & chief operating representative, The Important Hotels of the World concurred with many of Puri's comments, maintaining that luxury was clear by a touch rare in numbers but ‘Mass Affluent' was impressive of a prohibitive banner that could ensue dimension fashioned. He claimed that every one of Leading's 435 member hotels possessed its own distinctiveness, noting that Ritz-Carlton and Four Seasons hotels had once belonged to the Leading portfolio. They fled the nest when they grew to maturity and reached a critical largest part, he argued further. Of course, Four Seasons and Ritz-Carlton begged to vary, with David Crowl, associate president sales & marketing, Europe/Middle East/Africa, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts claiming that each of the 74 Four Seasons properties was matchless. In cooperation Crowl and Pascal Duchauffour, zone vice president & common director The Ritz-Carlton Bahrain Hotel & Spa prominent that luxury meant different possessions to different people. A accurate luxury hotel provided extraordinary experiences that exceeded customer expectations and twisted life-long memories they together stressed. Here is no doubt that like beauty, luxury is in the eye of the beholder. Headed for some, privacy is the vital luxury but to others it's about antique furniture and priceless chandeliers adorning a extravagantly bejeweled area. Near a certain degree it's horses for courses, but what is cloudless is that very scores of hotels are using the word ‘luxury' to define their product. This will at last muddy and disappoint the customer. What did you say? is desperately compulsory is a worldwide rating system to obstinate the fastest vertical time was and for all. Read more: Hotel.