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Daily Astrology For the Week of July 7, 2008 - General Tendencies For several Sun Signs

Mon 7/7/08 Clean and Organize The Virgo Moon may help us go through the information on any project today, and we may find that our coworkers are prepared to help this morning. Our optimism and our confidence should be high early today (late morning west coast), and it should be a fantastic day for cleaning and organizing. Do not overdo it, or you might need the pain medication tonight. Major Planetary Events Today: None Tue 7/8/08 Waste and Extravagance Those people up early may be working with some nasty people, or we possibly may discover that our computers or telephones are receiving connection dilemmas. We might be worrying and criticizing too much today, and we might be placing a lot of demands on the others. By early afternoon (late morning west coast) our eyes will turn to beauty and romance, and we may whip out those charge cards. There is a strong possibility of waste and extravagance today and tomorrow, so think before you spend. It will likely be a fantastic night for social events, just look out for the braggarts. Major Planetary Events Today: None Wed 7/9/08 Outspoken and Impulsive - Ultimately causing Arguments We may feel a need to attend extremes today, and we may find ourselves talking too much. Many is going to be outspoken today, among others is going to be impulsive. That could lead to arguments and fights. If we could focus all of this energy at the work on hand, we might accomplish great feats. Major Planetary Events Today: Sun Oppose Jupiter Thu 7/10/08 Separating the Adults from the Kids Today may be the God's day for splitting up the adults from the kiddies. Yes, its time for one particular spiritual tests. Using one side we may be feeling very restless and competitive. There may be jealous feelings or even criminal thoughts erupting in some. On the other hand, i will be feeling plenty of energy, and we must find it simple to focus this energy into our work. We may discover that our minds be more focused, and our emotions more sedated tonight. Major Planetary Events Today: Mercury Oppose Pluto, Mars Conjunct Saturn, Mercury Enters Cancer Fri 7/11/08 Feeling Passionate People will be feeling passionate about their work and their play today, also it should turn into a very productive Friday. We might give or get some good excellent advice today, and it surely will be described as a great day for troubleshooting. Some people may become a touch too secretive or overly suspicious. Attempt to keep an open mind. Major Planetary Events Today: None Sat 7/12/08 Enjoying Life to Its Fullest The Scorpio Moon is going to be in an exceedingly good mood most of today, and which means enjoying life to it's fullest. The afternoon should start off energized and optimistic, and around mid afternoon (late morning west coast) we possibly may be ready to party. It will likely be an excellent day for social events and entertainment, but watch of for addictions tonight. Major Planetary Events Today: Venus Enters Leo Sun 7/13/08 Exciting Day and Sound Judgments Things may start off just a little quiet today, but by Noon (9 AM west coast) our enthusiasm will increase. It is going to be an exciting day, and parties held today could find yourself the social events of the season. Our judgments is going to be sound, and our moods is likely to be optimistic. Get home and get to bed early, because there could be difficulties with authority figures tonight. Major Planetary Events Today: None.

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