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Glenn Morton (R, Maryland) launches the first of multiple viral campaign ads anti Obama, and Parrot Steny Hoyer

Glenn Morton (R) running for Congress in the 5th District of Maryland, gives his first online ad campaign today, which not only attacking his adversary Steny Hoyer (D), but also President Obama.

"I voted for President Obama in 2008, and I'm now a Republican running contrary to Congressman Hoyer As voters learn the actual risk of losing the civil liberties've sacrificed beneath the Obama organization, various will do identical conclusion I made, and backup re-establish our leadership to its employees, "says Morton in his Largo, Maryland office. "Thats why I located my office in Prince Georges District, and I would support my primary adversary, Anthony O'Donnell, to do the same |. " It was wonderful to do, especially with such a visionary filmmaker in Ladd Ehlinger and producer Vernon Furniss, "says Morton. Fighting for freedom means being in the front line, and we must influence his mind to be successful |. My reasons for that is extremely credible.

Steny Hoyer is working for President Obama, not the citizens of the fifth district of Maryland. I know, and he knows it. Its time for him to go. " 'he said. "Blessed is the chance to regain our rights is at hand, and there are many passionate people, Republicans and Democrats, who appreciate in their hearts how big this election is."

The opening ad, titled" Turn This Ship Around ", shows a ship of fools who go for progressive bailouts and free health care |. " A ship is powered by a sinister secret. ' Turn this ship "can be found online here: Http: youtu.be vBLAMcyjxYw

" I will be releasing many more in the approaching weeks, and they are highly special and impressive. If Terrell Owens might say: I hope you get your popcorn ready

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