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Magnetic nail polish hotness, Look how pretty this magnetic nail polish is, Magnetic nail polish is a popular new trend

I love painting my nails with magnet nails so much. I came by it naturally, because my mom liked painting her nails, too, but perhaps not as much as I do.

But that's how I learned about this new trend called "magnetic nail polish" where you paint your nails like normal, and then you hold a magnet that you can also buy (or comes with it) that will attract certain magnetic stuff in the polish and create a cool design.

I just love new and creative things that we come up with from heaven that maybe add a smile to someone's day and get them a nice little compliment.

The fact that there are magnets that can affect and change the ways that magnet nail polish looks were a crazy cool idea for me when I first saw them.

Of course, there was the shellac nail trend magnet nail polish, then the crackle stuff that I never really liked. And then there's the magnet stuff as well as the holographic stuff as well. I think I like the magnet polishes the best so far.

Sure, they chip eventually like normal nail polish, but I want to try magnet nails over acrylic nails next to see how long that will last. Amen.