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Timothy Bradley wants the fight with Manny Pacquiao to last up to the last round. He is hoping that after Pacquiao’s not up to par performance on his last fight, he can beat the pound for pound king. He discloses in an interview that he wants to feel Pacquiao’s power in the early rounds. “Hell yeah, I definitely do. I get in the ring with a lot of people who say they can punch. I get hit with a big shot flush in the chin and I’m like ‘that’s it’?” stated Bradley. He also said that if he is able to take Pacquiao’s power early that the pound for pound champion will be in for a long night. “If he can’t rattle me its going to be one hell of a fight. If its nothing too crazy then it’s one hell of a fight. I think I will make an adjustment.”, Bradley said.

Bradley thinks that he has a big chance of winning the bout if the fight will last up to the last round. “They don’t want this fight to go past 5 or 6. The other side wants me to get me out of there early because I get more dangerous as the fight goes on,” Bradley explained. “They want to come out blazing and get me in a slug fest. They want me to go out wide and for Pacquiao to catch me in between and hurt me and finish me off. I turn it up after 6 rounds when most fighters start to fade,” he continued.

Now the big question is, can Manny Pacquiao vs Bradley punch per punch or will the younger boxer out punch the legend?