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The bold statement saying that "50% of all california family law in america will end in divorce" has had lots of people concerned. Are you aware that approximately 67% of second marriages and 74% of third marriages end in divorce? It's scary and an altogether crushing fact to face. However , it also leaves many families and couples looking for answers and professional legal help. Although divorce rates are lower for couples with young ones, the process of breaking up is much much more serious.

The initial and main concern of california family law practice is what will happen with the young ones. Infant custody is left in the hands of a judge if an agreement with the parents can't be made. If the decision be left up to the judge, there is a lot of work to be done by the parents. Each will have to state their case for deserving custody. A judge is likely to make this decision based on facts and what the most effective interest is for the minor child. Parents are reminded that attacking each other in court and only providing negative "facts" about each other is not something which will win an instance. The judge is looking for things like school attendance and performance and witnesses that can describe their relationship with the daughter or son or kiddies. They'll certainly be looking for mental and financial stability along with the period of time the parent needs to spend and nurture the minors. What exactly is the parent's relationship like with other adults? Are they in a position to take care of the kids for extended periods of time? Rarely do they call calfirornia family law mediation a minor to the stand, but if they are age appropriate and both attorneys and circumstances approve, they might be allowed to have their opinion contained in the judge's decision. They are just a couple of examples of what is considered in determining custody.