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Silicone repair tape for boaters

Silicone Rescue Tape is an excellent repair tape that's perfectly suitable for a number of different applications. The most ideal me is leak on the damaged hose. Stretch tightly and wrap, and then Rescue Tape fuses to itself and seals the leak.

silicone tape

This type of tape is a vital product to keep on the boat, and is essential to toss in a location you can get into it quickly. Rescue Tape is composed of silicone, it is therefore waterproof, resistant against heat, and resistant against outdoors. Rescue Tape is easily the most well-known make of silicone tape that you can find, and is highly recommended. silicone repair tape is fantastic for stopping leaks, waterproofing electrical connections, fixing a bilge hose, and countless other things. I've got a roll in each and every boat and vehicle.