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Social Bookmarking - Marketers haven't always been with them easy. There was once a time when they needed to struggle and proceed through grueling and time-consuming processes like demographic information researching and market segmentation. It was during the internet era of Web 1.0. Those were dark, dark times for marketers all over the world. They needed someone, or something like that to help them make it through. They needed a savior.

Social Bookmarking - People begun to criticize Web 1.0 for being too inclined with HTML while it doesn't even consider important aspects like the establishment of social connections and social interactions. People wanted a fresh web platform to create up for all the restrictions, limitations and deficiencies. Then came the savior that internet marketers were asking for. Then came the dawn of the new internet era: the internet 2.0 and social bookmarking era that was hell bent on making social connections and networks one of the members of the community.

Blogging platforms.0 refers to a website that performs unique and attractive functions. These sites' main focus is to establish social connections and networks on the list of internet users of the world. Social bookmark creating is a process in Blogging platforms.0 that involves the saving or storing of relevant bookmarks onto Social Bookmarking websites, and the tagging of these bookmarks with the appropriate keywords that would let users look for and locate them with ease.

Social Bookmarking - These two innovations have greatly benefited internet marketers around the world. But they have contributed so much towards the community in general. For one, Web 2.0 and social bookmark creating have made the process of communication and interaction for people from different parts of the world much easier. These innovations also have made it possible to search for and locate facts about the internet with ease. It was because of tagging also is known as folksonomy.

As for internet marketers, their lives were made much more easy and peaceful because of the emergence of Web 2 . 0.0 and social bookmark creating. Because of these innovations, web marketers don't have to worry about doing tedious demographic researches and looking to segment markets as Web 2.0 and social bookmark submitting does all these for the kids! Internet marketers could just skip those processes and concentrate on analyzing the demographic information presented to be able to determine consumer tastes, preferences, needs and wants. Internet marketers would think it is very easy to develop marketing strategies and techniques to help them market their businesses to consumers more effectively.

Social Bookmarking - Web 2.0 and social bookmark submitting also allows marketers to market their business to huge numbers of people in their networks. This would lead to increased web traffic, increased page rankings, not to mention increased profits for the internet marketer.

In short, Blogging platforms.0 and social bookmark submitting gives internet marketers a chance to enjoy tremendous awards while lessening their work at the same time. These innovations are truly saviors to online marketers all over the world.