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The term biomass is used for any material associated with living things and that energy could be derived; simply speaking, these are sources of energy. Examples of such materials are wood, waste products produced by living beings, fuels, gases, and so forth

Biomass Energy Resources from Waste

Waste materials which can be generated through different processes of day-to-day life can be put to good use if treated precisely. If we look around, there is lot of energy that goes unused. This energy can be smartly used and most of our needs may be fulfilled. There are lots of biomass energy advantages which need to be understood in order to make better use of them.

Biomass Energy Resources from Agricultural Wastes

Different activities involved in agriculture contributes to the production of several different waste materials. Biogas production is the greatest exemplory case of utilizing the biomass renewable energy. The waste materials such as cow dung, straw (which remains after harvesting the crops) and other wastes on the farm can be used for producing biogas. A biogas plant is roughly divided into an inlet, digester and outlet. The inlet/feeder is used to dump the agricultural wastes. The digester processes these recycleables, and gas is produced. Outlet collects the residue which remains after gas is extracted from the raw stuff. A dome shaped metal with a pipe is used for collecting the gas (methane). While the gas is filled in the dome, it slowly rises above. A pipe is used to supply the gas where it's needed.

Another such way to obtain energy is sugarcane. This crop can serve to be among the great biomass energy resources even after the juice is extracted from the sugarcane. The left-over pulp i. e. bagasse, that is obtained from sugar factories, can be used in power stations. This electricity can in turn be used for running the sugar factories. This activity can help in minimizing the expenses and thereby reducing the reliance on fossil fuels.

Obtaining Energy from Living Biomass

The techniques of burning biomass resources to have energy is one of the crude and antiquated methods. Destroying the living things / their by-products and obtaining energy from the heat obtained by burning would only provide a limited quantity of energy. Making use of livestock to convert mechanical power (of bullocks and such animals) to electricity through dynamos (fitted on wheels of carts) is amongst the smart methods. Many such smart methods can be devised.

wood biomass gasification