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Make your profile invite welcoming! Be part of Lions teams, TopLinked and Invitations Welcome also as teams that aid your pursuits. Give rise to people teams in dialogue permit individuals understand what you might be about which you are taking networking really serious.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me directly rfiene@kforce.com. Oh and I except all invitations so feel free to send me an invite if you feel I can a value to your professional network. How to get 500+ LinkedIn Contacts, you should apply a little more time and focused energy than the average social networker does. I spent 1-2 hours per day growing my LinkedIn network when I first joined, and sought out connections that had relevance to my business (real estate, training and consulting). I asked for introductions from people today inside my network that had prominent members in their own networks, and invited individuals I knew to get open networkers (LIONS, Toplinked.com members, etc.). In selecting these I wished to attach with, I tended to focus on these with considerable networks themselves, because the association with significant networkers pays off for people in their connections network.

I use my connections in a variety of ways: inquiring for introductions and introducing individuals looking for connections; striking up online, telephone and face-to-face conversations; sharing ideas and opportunities; and helping folks know the value and power social networking brings to their business.