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Regional Google Traffic : Why Online marketing?

According for you to Google, 20 percent coming from all searches are relevant to location. And comScore reports that Google dished up up 10. 7 billion searches with April, 2011. That shows that approximately a couple of. 14 billion searches were relevant to location - basically, local seek.

These numbers happen to be increasing yearly throughout the last several years. Compare the crooks to April, 2008 when Local Google Traffic supported up 6. 5 billion searches, which indicates roughly 1. 3 thousand local researches.

And one of many advertising mediums that's being strike the hardest by this particular move on the web is Yellow-colored Pages web directories. Traditionally, the Yellow-colored Pages may be the "go to" supplier for regional businesses, and because of this if your company wasn't listed in the Yellow Pages, you along with your traffic can be missing a large amount of potential clients.