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FC 78 is fast approaching and it's main event match-up between Rashad Evans and Michael Bisping made me think of fighters who could cut weight to drop to a lower ufc weight classes Because spirit I am going to discuss four UFC fighters who might be well served by dropping weight and fighting below their current class.

I'd like to start at the top, the UFC heavyweight division. You can find a number of UFC heavyweights who could make 205lbs, remember Randy Couture fought as a light heavyweight for a while, he even held the light heavyweight title. There's really just one UFC heavyweight who I would like to speak about dropping weight. Brandon "The Truth" Vera just dropped a three round decision to former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia. Brandon didn't loose this match as a result of his skill-set. He lost because of Tim's size. Tim pushed Vera facing the fence and used his weight to close the distance, essentially negating Vera's superior kicking game. If Brandon Vera dropped down to 205lbs I feel he'd be competing on an even playing field and would likely quickly transfer to title contention.

The UFC light heavyweight division has got the most guys who should consider dropping weight. There are three that I want to discuss, they've been Rashad Evans, Michael Bisping and Dan Henderson. You'll note that Bisping and Evans will be the main event fighters at UFC 78. These two fighters are undefeated at light heavyweight.

Michael Bisping is an outstanding fighter, a good striker by having an sufficient ground game. However , his recent fight with Matt Hamill implies that they can be manhandled by a stronger opponent. Bisping mostly stayed on the outside in this fight and let Hamill control the action. In my opinion that is really because he was staying away from Hamill's strength... with is wrestling, and physical strength. We all remember on the Ultimate Fighter when Hamill was overwhelming the other fighters with his physical strength, a move to 185lbs would not only put him into title contention, but would allow Bisping to be stronger than other opponents in that mma weight classes.

Rashad Evans has recently dropped a weight classes. Rashad competed at heavyweight on the Ultimate Fighter T.V. series and did very well, winning his division, but his recent bout with Tito Ortiz showed that Rashad, despite his superior wrestling skills is a small light heavyweight. Rashad could have no problems matching strength with Bisping at UFC 78, nevertheless when fighting the larger light heavyweights like Forrest Griffin, Wanderlei Silva and Tito Ortiz he will get manhandled, essentially negating his wrestling advantage. A move to 185lbs may likely make Rashad a sudden title contender.