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ArtFusion Media School Renewing its Diploma Curriculum

ArtFusion Media School (AMS), a leading digital media school in Singapore, is revamping its Diploma programs with a view to maintain its relevance to industry and further improve the employability of its graduates.

AMS currently offers two-year Diplomas in 3d modelling, character animation, concept art and visual effects. Under the new curriculum, an accelerated one year Diploma would be offered for 3D modelling, character animation and visual effects. Qualified candidates may enter this one-year program directly.

ArtFusion Media School will also be conducting part-time evening programs (with duration of around 3 months) in the areas of 3D modelling, character animation, concept art and visual effects. Some candidates may choose to enrol in these basic programs to develop a suitable foundational grounding before joining the fast paced and rigorous one year Diploma programs.

In developing the new curriculum, ArtFusion Media School has consulted with the industry extensively to assess its needs and how it may better train graduates to meet those needs. AMS will arrange various internships and other real life practice opportunities for its students. Its location at Fusionopolis, the media hub of Singapore, and the good relationships with many employers, uniquely position ArtFusion to be effective in delivery industry focused training programs. So far, about 400 students have been trained at AMS, many of whom are now working in major Singapore or international digital studios. The graduates of ArtFusion are highly sought after. A high proportion of AMS graduates have been placed in relevant jobs. Some graduating students, whose graduation ceremony will only be held in March, have already been placed at jobs.

“We take pride in offering focused industry oriented programs highly relevant to our students’ professional development and delivering quality learning through our faculty seasoned in industries,” an article on the school’s website explained.  ArtFusion has an international faculty with proven industry experience from North America, Europe and Australia.  

“Our real world oriented courseware, constantly updated to keep in pace with industry, is based on actual production pipeline. Our faculty members teach based on their experiences and industry practices. We are committed to providing an effective learning environment for our students' total academic and professional development.” ArtFusion Media School, formerly known as Egg Story Digital Arts School, is a leading media school based in Singapore. For more information on ArtFusion Media School and its 3D course and diploma programs in 3D modelling , character design and visual effects, please visit