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Three Techniques For Getting Repeat Visitors To Your Site

New customers is a value you need to be aware of as an internet marketer. Leveraging your existing account base is a great way to generate those hard to come by new customers. You will quickly discover that a sticky site is more important than new customer creation. The following article will look at some simple ways to make your site sticky in this manner.

1) The name of your website is the first thing people notice, which makes this a critical factor. The point is to have a name that visitors can easily recall in case they want to recommend it to their friends. What you don't want are names that sound like a thousand other sites, such as "Diet Tips" or "How to Make Money." You should aim for a name that they'll be able to remember when they want to go there again or mention it to someone. It's all about making it simple for your visitors, whether it's about invoking word of mouth or helping them reach your site later on. Even though it may not seem like a big deal simple navigation if extremely important to many site visitors who want to become engaged in your site. The reality of it is that none of us want to spend most of our time clicking through links to other pages to get the information we are looking for. If you want your site effectively indexed by search engines and easily navigated by your visitors it's important to include a clear site map.

Even if your audience is orbiting another planet, you can still annoy them with your font colors - so be careful. What is always safe to do is black on white; black text on a white page background is a very safe way to go. You want your visitors to have a professional impression of your site and that's only possible if you have dark text on a light background. This is what you will see with all business websites, so no need to be a pioneer about it. You can experiment with something like a very dark blue if you want; it is up to you.

This article has offered you some great information about the importance of a neat simple site for curb appeal. If you need repeat traffic you should apply these techniques to see a huge difference. You'll be on the fast track with the above tips despite the fact that there are many more tips out there.

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