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Right here we have designed a self hosted script that can create a RSS feed from a user's public google+ posts. It can also combine numerous user accounts' posts into one particular single feed. It does not use the api and is open source so it is simply editable.

Further far more on the site that offers the script download we've produced a demo of how we can use the <a href="">BlogSense Wordpress Automation Software program</a> to import Google+ posts and display them in the same 'automatic content extraction' fashion as Google+ has on their web site.

Read beneath for far more details. It really is free of charge to download be we ask for a little donation. Cheers!

Google+ RSS Generation Self Hosted Script

What’s becoming offered is a php script that can effortless be setup in 5 minutes on any web site which can convert a Google+ user’s public posts into an RSS feed. All it takes is editing 1 line of code and adding your Google+ User ID number. Take a appear at the <a href="" target="_blank">example</a> I have produced for my own profile.

This script collects the following content from a user’s google plus public profile:

  • Collects the user comment as the RSS’s description item&nbsp if available

  • If no user comment is obtainable it google plus to rss checks to see if there is an attachment, and will use attachment’s auto-generated content material if readily available.

  • Sets the RSS link element as the attachment link, if no attachment link or gallery link is accessible then it will source the Google+ post as the RSS link google plus to wordpress element

  • Sets the RSS date element as the date of the Google+ post.

  • Sets the Author name as the Google+ Poster.

  • Detects #hashtags and adds them to RSS tags element.

  • The script can accept &amp mix many user accounts into one RSS feed.

Really feel free to download and use google+ to wordpress this script even so you like. I ask for a modest donation to assistance my function (including any updates &amp improvements I may add in the close to future.) Thank you!