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they powerful Honda Rebel 250 was one major arised that was sent by Honda way back in 1985. Fundamentally, typically the Honda Rebel 250 is really a cruiser motorbike that was presented at the same time any time there was no market for these kinds of styles. Actually , often the Honda Rebel 250 created a niche to get itself on the market as well as compelled other creators to grab any share of this market place. In order to take a look at typically the Honda Rebel 250, you should need to check the models that contain come around. It is true in which Honda manufactured the particular Honda Rebel 250 on and off, beginning 1985. But it really is good for sure that often the honda rebel 250 was obviously a rebel inside motorcycle entire world then. honda rebel specs Characteristics In order to look into the actual Honda Rebel 250 functions, you will have got to study the particular model very first. The 85 Honda Rebel is the first model that was released in this range. It turned out marketed as a cruiser bike that was a good deal distinctive from other cycles during those times. Having its 234cc website in those days, it turned out to be to be a fairly regular bike which usually youngsters could make make use of easily. The damp weight with the motorcycle had been another advantage the Honda Rebel 250 got over other bicycles in this range. Weighing at regarding 150kgs, often the 2012 honda rebel become the most beneficial motorcycle a beginner would use for learning bike riding. Additional features included a new fuel consumption of about 60 to 70 mpg, a fairly nice range. With solitary disc brake from the front along with a drum braking mechanism on the back, the actual Honda Rebel 250 was the best bike that beginners might practice together with. It had been as a huge success, having 1986 Honda Rebel 250 pursuing in fit.