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When you start an online home based business, generating free traffic isn't just a nice way to keep your costs low but something you need to be doing even when your small business grows big and successful.

This is actually the simple way to get some no cost traffic from Forums. It takes only a few minutes every day.

It really is simple. All you have to do is to post your advertisements in forums that are about your niche and have an advertising section. Follow my instructions to make this work fast and effectively.

Write the title and the body of your advertisement in a text file and save it on your desktop to find it and copy-paste easily and fast.

At your browser, go to Bookmarks, produce a new folder and name it "Forums Advertising" and add the forums you will discover at Google by searching "NICHE NAME forum". To be more specific, add the URL of the advertising section of the forums you will find.

This way you will be able to open them easily by going to your brand-new folder and selecting "Open All Folder items".

When you've got all the forums opened in tabs at the browser, go to every one of them and click the "New Topic" button.

paid traffic - Then copy the title you wrote and held in a text file in your desktop and paste it in the title form of each forum.

Next do the same for that body of your advertisement and click on the "Post" button in every forum and that's all!

The title of your post is very important. Use something catchy of course, if the forum has Post Icons, add one.

Your body of your post is also very important and must be formed in a way that will make the person that visited your title, to click your link. One way to do this, is to post a part of your information that the audience looking for, followed by something like "For more info visit".

Some forums have rules about how exactly often you should and what is permitted to post. Be sure to read and follow those rules.

To produce this even easier, create sub-folders however "Forum Advertising" folder and separate the forums based on their rules.

Avoid the forums which have rules that do not fit your needs. Spamming them will be a waste of your time, as they will delete your messages as well as your account.

increase website traffic - For those forums that don't have rules, be sure that you are not spamming as well. This means that if your advertisement is on top of the page because the last time you posted, you should not post again.

Also save the forums that you simply found and you can't use for this specific purpose, in a different folder as there is another (more time consuming) method to generate quality traffic from them that will be discussed in another article.