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I was raised in Palatine and Wauconda Illinois. and attended Wauconda High school from where I graduated as a member of National Honor Society. I attended Grayslake Vocational School studying Culinary Arts I also attended Lake County College,

My dad was baeza operator who owned his own lawn and tree service company. Working after school and summers with him I learned the life of an entrepreneur from the ground up. I worked side by side with him. He offered me the opportunity to create technology in to our business. Entrepreneurship was something instilled into me by my father.

From my father I learned how to make the most effective decisions for myself and our employees. I originate from an extremely loving family who taught me the values of helping other people. I can not say enough about the lessons I learned from my parents. I worked through high school and college so that you can pay for my education.

Working a variety of jobs starting as a server at Ivanhoe Country Club- I learned to respect all working people no matter their position. Stints as a telemarketer, sales representative, small business owner jose along with other positions shaped my respect for other team members. In order to better my speaking abilities I joined Toast Masters International. Taking my knowledge and attempting to help others I joined the. Jaycees to share my life’s experiences. As a daughter or son my dream was to own my own josemanuel now I actually do. Summary