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Advice On Buying Holiday Lights

As there are so many different kinds of outdoor string lighting choosing the best ones can be a little challenging. There are many different types of bulbs, ornamental coverings, length of lights, as well as electric power sources. You have lights that you are able to plug into a power outlet, some that are battery operated, as well as light sets that use alternative energy sources. These outdoor string light sets are also sold at a variety of different locations, both locally as well as online.

Here are some tips to help you look for the right outdoor string light for just about any occasion. In order to get the brightest, longest lasting light, be certain that the string light set you buy makes use of LED bulbs. These on its own are extremely bright, more energy efficient, and last far longer than regular incandescent bulbs. Because they are smaller than conventional bulbs, they can be accustomed to many different kinds of coverings. This way you can alter the covering for different effects, themes, and for different times of the year.

Unless you are planning to take down your lights during the cold season, then you must pick string lights that are weatherproof. Make sure that any light strings are Underwriter's Laboratory approved. This means that they have been tested and are deemed safe for outdoor use. This is very important, or else they will be a potential fire hazard.

The best type of outdoor string lighting are solar powered lights. There are many different benefits of using solar power. One advantage is that since they use the sun's energy to power the light strings, they don't draw electricity from your power grid. Since they are 100 % self contained, you can use them just about anywhere, as long as the solar panel is situated where it can get the most sun. As a result of their own battery back up, you don't have to be anxious about not having light in a black out, or when the weather is bad. Even if you have a pagoda that is some distance from the house, you can still have light. Many of these solar powered light strings are on a sensor that instantly comes on when the sun sets. Solar powered string lights also use the more progressed LED light bulbs, ensuring bright light for longer periods of time, up to twelve hours, depending on the amount of lights in the string.

Since you have so many different retailers that outdoor string lights, it is a good idea to shop around. The prices differ greatly, depending on the variety of lights, how many are on a single strand, and what the energy source is. It also depends on where you buy them; one retailer seller may be less expensive than another. If you are buying via internet, which is your best choice for selection, it is important to take shipping charge into consideration. You also need to make sure there is some kind of approved warranty for the string lights. A few have a restricted 100% money back guarantee, others don't. Each online site will have its own guidelines on returns, so be definitely sure you read through the fine print before wasting your hard earned money.